The Summer Recital

June 18-20 2020


Recital Music

Practice makes perfect! We have our music available to students so that they can practice anywhere and anytime! Practice, practice, practice!

Recital Info Packet

This packet contains all of the IMPORTANT information about the Summer Recital. Rehearsal dates and times are mandatory and we want you to be in the know! The packet includes a Ready for the Show Checklist and also has Hair & Make Up Instructions. Check it out!

Recital Groups

Please refer to the Recital Group Key to determine which performance group your dance class is in and pay very close attention to each group's rehearsal and show times.

Recital Picture Day

Picture Day is held here at Evolve! Click the link below to see the picture day schedule! Please arrive with hair and make-up already done!

(602) 276-4447