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The Summer Recital

June 23 - 25 2022

Recital Info Packet

This packet contains information about the Summer Recital. Rehearsal dates and times are mandatory! Check it out!

We need YOU! SignUp here to volunteer and/or donate items.

Recital Groups

Please refer to the Recital Group Key to determine which performance group your dance class is in and pay very close attention to each group's rehearsal and show times.


Recital Music

Practice makes perfect! Music is available so that students can practice anywhere at anytime! Practice, practice, practice!

Costume Details

Costume details will list any additional items that your dancer needs to complete their costume, for example, tights, shoes, etc. It's very important that you check the costume details for each individual dance class because it's your responsibility to provide everything required for the recital and it varies for each class. Also, here are our mandatory Hair & Make Up Instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: We will distribute costumes on picture day (6/18 at the studio) and at Desert Vista during the Technical Rehearsals on Monday 6/20 and Tuesday 6/21.

Recital Videos

The 2022 EDF Dancin' Day and Night Summer Recital Video order page is ready.


CHOOSE Group A or Group B, 

pick one or more:

Digital download (HD video file)

DVD discs

Blu-Ray disc Recital Video

CHOOSE Group A or Group B, 

pick your group's Digital download (HD video file), 

2022 EDF Summer DVD 

or Blu-Ray disc Recital Video.

The edited show videos should be ready 6-8 weeks after recital. Discs now include shipping! (No dance studio pickup) - Choose DVD if you don't have a Blu-Ray compatible player

Thanks for supporting us these past 7 years! If you missed any shows, we have those on the website too!

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