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Melinda Larson

Melinda has trained in ballet for the past fifteen years and still continues to work on her craft. She started at the age of three with classical ballet. At age six, she was put into a Russian Ballet school called the "The Classical Ballet School" where she studied under the Vaganova method for several years, and in 2002, she switched to "The Academy of Russian Ballet". Melinda studied under Elizabeth Shipiatsky, who graduated from the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg , Russia. She also studied other forms of dance such as, Character, Modern, and Jazz, for just over five years. In 2004, she was accepted into the Denver School of the Arts where she studied music and dance for one year, while still attending The Academy of Russian Ballet. Melinda is now currently studying under Hagop Kharatian and Irina Abramyan to continue her professional training in classical Russian Ballet.

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