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Owner & Teacher

Ms. Chez

A seasoned dancer for the last 25 years, Chezaray Wade is the founder and owner of Evolve Dance & Fitness. She loves kids and is passionate about encouragement towards a healthy and positive lifestyle, allowing them to grow as artists who can express how they feel and who they are. Chezaray is committed to making EDF her life's legacy.


Chezaray started her dance career receiving 13 years of dance training at Bender Performing Arts, formerly Betty Johnson's School of Dance. Within this time she received awards, scholarships, along with numerous apprentice study opportunities with well-known dance companies. She continued to study dance at The University of Arizona for four years while simultaneously launching her career teaching dance.


Soon after getting married, Chezaray danced professionally for six-time Grammy Award winner Toni Braxton in her headline show Revealed at The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. After retiring from the show to have her first child, Chezaray continued to dance and expand her knowledge of dance and fitness as a fun way to get back in shape. She couldn’t stay away for long, as she found herself teaching again! Chezaray teaches a variety of dance styles at all levels! 


Chezaray received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a Minor in Business Administration from The University of Arizona. She enjoys running a dance studio, health and wellness business, she still performs professionally and is grateful to be a part of the South Phoenix community.

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